During my time spent serving in Haiti, the Lord taught me about His justice, His perfect provision, and how He uses everything to orchestrate and portray His glory. Going into the week, I had specific expectations. I expected the Lord to provide many opportunities to verbally communicate the gospel. However, upon arrival, the Lord made it very clear that, that was not the greatest need for the communities we were serving. Food was what they needed, so food is what we rallied together to give. Although the need for food was grave, after we distributed it I was left feeling like we hadn’t done enough. We didn’t verbally communicate anything. Then, in the midst of my doubting spell, the Lord gently revealed that although my expectation was not met, His orchestration of being the physical representation of Him loving and providing for his children was so much better than anything I could have imagined. My week in Haiti was hard, beautiful, and rewarding. This was my second trip to Haiti, and the Lord has just continued to show his beauty in the people there and the way he moves through them.