A friend of ours shared an article on perspective on Facebook the other day.  The next day, I am sitting in a Haitian church and the pastor was teaching on Colossians 3:15-17.  In his message, he was teaching on thankfulness.  Wow! I am in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and God is teaching His people about being thankful for what little they have.  This is a people where the annual income per capita is $350 . 

God crushed me! I had just gotten off the phone with my wife about Christmas presents for our kids and what our budget was for this year.  What new Lego set we need to get Max, what new painting supplies that Mia needed, what kind of rollerblades to get Carli, or what new phone accessories that we might get Lexi.  And then after church, I walk outside and see this.

Man these kids are so excited about a plastic bag, sticks tied together, and strips of plastic tied together to make the kite string. This week God has been teaching me about perspective.  About how we can help a family eat in Haiti for a month by just skipping a meal out to eat, about $50.  How Haiti is falling into a huge food shortage as they recover from Hurricane Matthew. The price of everything has skyrocketed and people all over the country of Haiti are starving.  Please pray with us that God will have believers in the US to stand in the gap for their brothers and sisters in Haiti, by supporting them in their time of greatest need.